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These are just a few of our very satisfied schools systems we work with to help improve the overall health of the school and community.

Nancy J. Carlson, RN, BSN

Health Services Supervisor

Newport News Public Schools

"We love working with them and plan to continue the partnership well into the future. Without hesitation, I would recommend Health Hero to all..."

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Janice Phelps MSN RN

Lead Nurse

Lee County Board of Education

"Each and every person we have come in contact with has been very friendly, attentive and creates a comfortable environment for the children as..."

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Karen Keel

School Nurse

Coosa County Schools

"It has been my pleasure in working with the Health Hero clinic and I look forward in continuing to hold annual flu clinics for..."

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The Health Hero program was developed with the sole focus on delivering safe, efficient immunization programs for schools to raise vaccination rates and lower student absenteeism.

This simple and effective program can reduce illness, especially highly contagious influenza outbreaks. Influenza epidemics can happen very quickly. The 2017-2018 epidemic was not predicted and quickly spread resulting in thousands of school closures. What is the economic impact to your school system if it had to close for a week or more? What is the educational impact to students and your testing scores with just a measurable jump in absenteeism?

The Health Hero program zeros in on those very real concerns. We manage the process from end-to-end and provide our services at no cost to schools and families. Make Health Hero part of your yearly programs and reduce absenteeism, raise test scores, improve health of students, teachers and staff and potentially save a life. Health Hero also provides clinics for required immunizations and boosters such as TDaP, Meningococcal, and HPV to ensure students are in compliance and not kept out of school.

The Health Hero program has immunized over 1,000,000 students, teachers and staff. Our clinics are administered by state licensed nurses and overseen by Board Certified Doctors with many years of experience practicing Family or Pediatric medicine. We vaccinate all parent consented and eligible children on a voluntary basis, regardless of their insurance coverage.

The process is very streamlined and simple. We only ask that you:

  • Pass out parent consent forms
  • Collect all forms back and review for completeness
  • Contact Health Hero with number of participants

Health Hero will work with you to develop a sensible clinic schedule. Our program is easily scalable as we handle school systems with as few as a couple of locations to large city school districts. Clinics generally last under 90 minutes per school and students are out of the classroom for only 5-10 minutes.

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The prestigious Auburn School of Pharmacy conducted an independent study of the Health Hero program. Their study provides a recap of the many significant and positive economic and health impacts of our program.

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