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About Us

About Us


The Health Hero program, and the underlying private-sector in-school immunization model began with our partner company, HNH Immunizations, headquartered in Alabama. HNH was created to address a concern in the Alabama State Senate about high-levels of absenteeism causing low test scores and academic performance. Alabama State Senator Gerald Dial believed the root cause was Alabama’s low vaccination rates.

Since its roll-out in 2011, HNH successfully immunized over 1,000,000 students. HNH’s strong focus on safety and controls have led to zero confirmed adverse reactions from any student immunized by the program to date.

Our goal is to make immunizations readily available to any child regardless of insurance coverage. By increasing the ease of the immunization process and reducing the burden on parents we will increase the vaccination rate of school-age children to help stop the flu chain in its tracks.

The flu chain is the interconnection of students and the many people they contact on a daily basis. These connections provide an easy route for the virus to spread. The positive impact of improving vaccination rates will be felt by the children who directly participate in the program, their families, their classmates, and all school personnel.  The flu is not just bad, it is really bad!  On average hundreds of thousands of people are hospitalized and tens of thousands die every year from the flu – a preventable situation.

Working together, parents, schools, and the Health Hero team can reduce absenteeism by students and teachers.  Students are healthy and get the education they need; teachers are healthy and in the classroom; parents are happy and at work.  It is a win-win-win program.

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